Monday, February 8, 2010


By © Joe Heidlemeier
Guest Writer to the blog

Another long weekend in the brush. This weekend, my friend, hosted a hunter that entered a contest in Cuero, Texas for the largest hog.

He chose to hunt with bow and arrow. I, personally do not like bow hunting. Long story to that one which I will explain later.  I think it's a cruel way to hunt an animal. 

So, hunter shows up, anxious, anticipating the hunt.

We are going to the "John Wayne" stand. Named because I hunt there with an old lever action rifle. Always lots of wild pigs on scene. He, my friend, sorts his gear, and we put him in a tree stand about 20 yards away.  This is from where the pigs feed at night. Pick him, my friend, up at 11:00 p.m., and he’s not seen anything, but has heard hogs all around him.

So, next evening, we put him in another stand "The Beauty Parlor Stand", named because it has a chair in it from an old salon.  Comfy! He again is in a ladder stand against a tree, 20 yards.  Away from the feed.  Again, no pigs.

What do WE do wrong? Nothing. Next day, after the hunter is gone, we have pictures, and the pigs are happy again.

Guess he, my friend, was making noise, smelled funny, or just went to sleep.

Watching the super bowl game now, eating brisket and barbecued wild piggy. Good beer. Got to go to my school in the morning for a long week of work. Then my old best friend, Gary, is coming to hunt with me.

Still Loco,

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